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I am a qualified secondary-school teacher, with over 10 years of experience teaching Chemistry from KS3 to A-level, in London at Queens Park Community School, and in Devon at Ivybridge Community College. With a first-class degree from Cambridge in Natural Sciences, a PhD in Molecular Cell Biology, and membership of the Royal Society of Chemistry, I know my subject and I love sharing it with others! Additionally, my extensive experience in leadership in Sixth Form has taught me how to develop the characteristics needed for academic success - it's far more than just understanding a subject, and I aim to make my students more effective learners across the board, as well as helping them to be awesome chemists!

I am the proud father of two wonderful children (future Nobel Prize winners!), who although only primary school age, are not too young to be fully grounded in the fundamentals of chemistry!

With my day job now in EdTech, I have the time to tutor a small number of students in the evenings and weekends - sessions I very much look forward to!

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As you'll see, I love geeky science stuff, my family and golf.
Tech industry 🖥 | Chemistry tutor 👨🔬 | Terrible golfer 🏌️| Proud Dad 👧👦

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