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I offer GCSE and A-level Chemistry tutoring for any British exam board. The tutoring programme I provide is tailored to an individual student's goals and needs, which we’ll establish from the outset, and is delivered online, on a regular basis or in a more intensive fashion, such as over the summer.

If you live in the Plymouth area, I sometimes have availability for face-to-face sessions; if you want to discuss this, please ask in your enquiry on my Contact page.

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Bespoke Service

Before engaging in a tutoring arrangement, we'll discuss what you hope to achieve from the sessions and, importantly, over what timeframe. It could be that you want support over the whole of a course, or maybe you just need some intensive exam preparation. In any case, the number of sessions and their timing is completely flexible and will be discussed in a free initial consultation.

  • Complete support throughout a course

  • Support with selected topics

  • Exam preparation

  • Flexible scheduling - regular or intensive

  • Individual or group sessions

  • Developing learning characteristics

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